Study with Katrina


Whether you enjoy singing classical, jazz, musical theater or you are an aspiring singer-songwriter, Katrina can help you understand your vocal mechanism so that you can freely express musical ideas, no matter what the genre! Katrina emphasizes a full body approach that frees tension and supports healthy, sustainable sound. 

Lyric Acting

Through her diverse and extensive performing career, Katrina has developed a fool-proof method to help you hone your stage presence and captivate your audience. No park and bark here!! 

Beginning Piano

Katrina loves to ignite the life-long passion for music, and piano is a great place to start! Piano is a great way to give young singers a chance to learn more about music while their instruments develop.

Audition Preparation

Whether this is your first audition for a choir, or you are fine-tuning your chops for an upcoming musical production, Katrina knows what the people “behind the table” are looking for.

Music Theory

No matter where your musical journey takes you, students must have an understanding of how music works. Music theory helps us create a deeper connection to everything we sing, thus helping us grow into more captivating artists. 

Start your musical journey.